Dear Fellow Searchers,

The religious landscape for modern humanity is a crowded one. From the traditional Christian, Jewish, and Moslem faiths, to the Rajneesh, the Moonies, and the New Age Metaphysicians; scores of creeds and metaphysical systems compete for your intellectual and spiritual allegiance. Faced with this tangled mess of dogma and speculation, we all wonder: Is there a system of religious beliefs which is actually true?

Yes, there is. The many followers of The Church of Truism believe that the most important thing about one's religious views is not whether they give a psychological crutch; not whether they provide the illusion of significance to what is actually absurd; not whether they provide some sense of community which by its very nature is exclusionary to those outside of it; and not whether they give some selfish reason for doing what's right such as the false promise of great rewards in an afterlife. We believe instead that the most important feature of one's religious views is that they be true. If you feel as we do that there is no substitute for being right, then you may have at long last found a home for your spiritual inclinations: The Church of Truism.

The Three Dogmas of Truism:

  • What exists? Whatever there is.
  • What should I believe? Whatever's true.
  • What should I do? Whatever's best.

The Three Commandments of Truism:

  • Don't be wrong.
  • Don't be stupid.
  • Do what's right.

Further Truist philosophy:

On the power of thought:

  • If you want something with all your heart, you still might not get it.
  • If you believe something with all your mind, it still might be false.

On existentialism:

  • Existence precedes non-existence, and vice-versa.
  • There's lots of stuff you just can't do.

On practical action:

  • Don't waste time and effort doing things that don't matter.
  • Don't screw up.

On moral theory:

  • Don't screw people over for no good reason.
  • If you're a dick to somebody, but it works out okay anyway, you're still a dick.
  • People often do what's right but get screwed over anyway.

It's all just stuff, but some stuff is a lot better than other stuff.

If you too think that truth is the most important feature of your beliefs, then join with us today. Send your name and address to Church headquarters and get put on our mailing list. You'll be sent information about joining The Church, about having legally valid ceremonies (e.g. weddings, baptisms, funerals, rites of passage, etc.) performed by Church clergy, and further words of true philosophical and spiritual guidance from The Church's leading philosophers.

Remember: Being is. So Be it.


The Rev. Dr. Ron McMusselstone
Director, The Church of Truism
E-mail: relig at ious dot info